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The Wise Owl knows...

... the power of Lavender. There are many Lavender varieties with some serving very specific purposes. Some species of lavender have a heavy camphor content which lends to a strong camphor aroma. Grosso is one of these varieties with strong camphor content. Owl’s farm uses this variety when creating first aide spray and insect repellent. Flea and tick spray for dogs is also formulated using Grosso.

Consider which lavender benefits you want to enjoy before making your final variety selections. For instance, if you plan to snip flower stems to make dried lavender bunches for decorating, choose a type of lavender that hangs onto its flowers after drying. Grosso is a favorite for drying because it doesn’t shatter. It also packs intense fragrance into its blooms.

And, If you plan to plant lavender next to your patio or outdoor space, you have now included a live growing mosquito repellent, Grosso is excellent to help fight against those little pests without using dangerous sprays. We need to help protect our bees and other living flying things.

And now YOU know too! What else would you like to know about lavender?

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