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Owl's Social Fun

Roast Marshmallows at Owl's Lavender Farm

On Saturdays when the wind does not blow - - Owl's Lavender Patch may build a fire in the recently remodeled  fire pit.  For kids of all ages, old fashion family fun... let's roast some marshmallows. Marshmallows and sticks will be provided.  
Call ahead if you want to check if a fire is burning. OR to REQUEST a Fire!!!!

In the Spring:  Along the walking path, you should be able to see a variety of birds and I can tell you the bluebirds have been singing.

Any Time of the Year
Are you riding your bike, or riding your side by side, or on your skateboard?  
Stop by for a rest.  We have shade if you need it or come inside and sit in the climate controlled gift shed.  We always have bottled water and/ or coffee

Lavender Path

A mowed path goes all around the lavender patch and is maintained for your relaxing stroll.  Check out nature's creatures on their turf.  

In the Summer:
1. Old fashion fun  -  roasting  marshmallows in the lovely firepit area.

2. We have two different tables that are availbe for a picnic lunch.  All  you need to do is bring the food I will provide  the seating surrounded  by the peace and  beauty
3. Its fun to Feed the goldfish in the little pond.    You may see the hummingbirds, the bluebirds, or maybe spy the  many lizards. Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars are often munching the parsley. 
4. Call ahead to reserve your time and discuss details for a tea party. Several options. 

5.  If you are quiet enough, you may hear the wild turkeys or quail or even coyotes. Nature is left to its own devices...poison ivy loves to grow in the shady areas. So, for your protection, please no picking the plants. 

Craft Time June and July - on a Limited Basis
For $6.00 per person, you can pick the lavender and I will provide the ribbon and the instruction.  You will learn to  weave a lovely lavender wand that will should hold its aroma for over a year. Call ahead to reserve your dedicated instruction time, bring your beverage of choice, I do have wine glasses. 

Leaf Pattern Design





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