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About Us


Owl's Lavender Patch is located in the Sand Hills of Kansas. This acreage is located on family land that was first homesteaded back in the  late 1800's.  Deb is the 4th generation of family on this land, and her grandsons provide assistance as the 6th generation.

In 2024 - many new  lavender plants have been carefully planted and are thriving.  There are many species growing; some wonderful culinary species for cooking,  some varieties of camphor heavy oils for product recipes, and some varieties that provide long stems which are great for home decor use.  Phenomenal, Grosso, Hidcote, Munstead, Folgate, Melisa Lilac, Inspirational and Sensational. 

Shopping in the Country Shed
(Opened June 2022)

 At the Country Shed,  you  can  OF COURSE SHOP for products made from locally grown lavender  ...  OR just escape the weather  (heat or cold) and have a cup of coffee or tea or cold sodas.  There is comfy seating inside in the climate controlled shed and just outside in the shade. There is  a little path that goes around the lavender patch ... with a few occasional seats along the path ... take a leisure walk and enjoy the nature and beauty.

Warm windy springs, hot summers, extreme fall weather temperatures, cold/dry winters all mixed together provide a growing season that offers great blooms and wonderful fragrances. Here, on this farm, organically grown lavender is annually harvested to create quality products for personal use, home decor, and culinary use.


There are things to do

MANY (landscape improvements)

There are always fun things to do at Owl's Lavender Patch.  Several new things will start changing the look.  The first project is the fire pit area. This is almost complete, just one more section of privacy, and wind blocking fence to set the cozy area apart from the open areas.  Benches are waiting to be used while enjoying the crackling fire and roasting marshmallows.   Spring planting will bring blooming flora to start growing on the lattice surrounding the fire pit.

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