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This is a premium gift set selected for the very special mom. She should really appreciate these top quality products to help her feel pampered and special. 

These products have a discounted price and will be gift boxed for Mother's Day.

Item 1: Roller Bottle with carrier oil and Lavender

Item 2: Hand Crochets Facial Scrubbies 

Item 3: Sea Salt Facial Scrub - Lavender Scented with Essential Oil 

Item 4: Two (2) small decorative heart hand soaps

Item 5:  Wood Wick Lavender Candle

Item 6:  Hand and Body Cream - Lavender Scented with Essential Oil

Mother's Day #1

  • This is a special selection of high quality wonderful products to pamper any woman.  

    In this Gift Set #1:
    Lavender rollon
    himalayan salt scrub
    crocheted scrubbies
    hand and body cream
    lavender candle
    2 small heart shaped soap

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