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Created for the special Mom in your life. This set has been carefully selected to help any mom with relaxation and alleviating a little stress. Moms will love the relaxing aroma of lavender in each of these products. 

Item 1: Roll-On Lavender Scented with Essential Oils

Item 2: Himilayan bath salts

Item 3:  Small Heart Soap

Item4:  Wood Wick Lavender Candle 

Item 5:  Hand Lotion Lavender Scented with Essential Oils

Mother's Day #2

  • In this gift set: lavender oil roll-on, lavender hand lotion, Himilayan bath salts, small  lavender heart soap, and Lavender Soy Candle.

    Carefully selected, this gift set has a discounted special price of $50 and will be packaged in a nice gift box.

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