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All Natural - Lavender Salve - made from beeeswax and jojoba oil or coconut oil with Lavender essential oil and varying other oils in a handy 2oz screw top tin. Three options; Brain Power, Relax the Muscles, and Assist with Skin Healing

Lavender Salve 2 oz

  • It seems Mother Nature has designed lavender to heal our skin and nerves. Lavender is incorporated into many natural skin care products!  It does more than just smell good! Topically, lavender can ease, heal, or otherwise treat a huge array of skin conditions: lavender salve!

    Apply lavender salve to reduce swelling, redness, and irritation on skin. This includes rashes, bug bites, burns or sunburn, acne, scrapes, eczema, stings, scars, and psoriasis.  

    The Relax the Muscles salve has proveded wonderful relief on our arthritic joints and my aching knees after a long afternoon of working in the lavender garden. It could even help with RLS.

    The Assist with Skin Healing salve has provided my family with relief from ecsema, dry lips, rough garden hands, and many other skin issues. 

    Brain Power has provided us calming, and at the same time alertness, focus and concentration.

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